I Use Paintings to Search for Clarity in This Uncertain World

My name is  Aron Wiesenfeld. I call my paintings the rites of passage. It’s a kind of search for clarity in this very uncertain world. That’s why I carefully blend my paintings with that of drawings.

The Garden

In this painting the protagonist encounters the afterlife, made of memories and unfulfilled desires. Though she can see it, she is physically blocked from entering that other world.


The main idea of my paintings is about guiding us to a path which leads us to a sense of order even though our world is full of confusion, chaos and all trivial stuffs.

The Well

This painting took 3 months to finish. I was working on it when my son was being born, and I see a lot of the emotions I was feeling at that time in the painting – fear, uncertainty, discovery, and excitement


Most of us are craving for a state of perfection and seeking for it people would need a travel beyond mortality. Such ideal condition is certainly not of this world even if our minds can get a glimpse of it, as if across a chasm. That’s what I think the lead players of my paintings are heading for that direction.

The Wedding Party

The meaning here is that in the midst of great uncertainty, we get on with our lives, get married, and have children. Tragedy can strike at anytime, though it’s better not to think about it. The fact is that simply getting on with life is a very courageous thing to do.


I made the paintings with oil paints while I use charcoal for the drawings.


I had done a quick pencil sketch of this scene during a trip to England. The sketch captured the emotion and romance I felt for the countyside there. I know why it’s the birthplace of so many fairytales.