Illustration of Charming Undervalued Loneliness

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Illustration of Charming Undervalued Loneliness

Yu fell in love with illustrations since the age of children, when he found animations like Miyazaki's Spirited Away. He recalled, "I was very touched, not only by the story but also by the pure art from this film. It's very beautiful, and to think that all these artists can make something very meaningful. "Yu's different illustration style has a magical quality that looks like a real blend of digital images and analog photography. Many works display colorful and luminous spots of light. Just like photographs, Yu's art is able to perfectly capture many short moments of life modern.

Illustrator now in Los Angeles Jenny Yu captures a moment of transient life that is undervalued through her ever-expanding collection of digital art. Starting from the golden light in the morning that filters through the curtains to walk through the streets alone in a rainy city, Yu's atmospheric illustration captures the mood that we can all relate to. He explained, "It was in these quiet and lonely times, sometimes that only I felt the most human and contemplative, and I thought that was the feeling I was trying to describe as well as I could."

"I think illustration is a way to capture a moment and feeling that can be very intense," Yu said. "Sometimes I see the way light is about a particular material and reflect back and I think," Wow, that is incredibly beautiful. I hope I can show others how beautiful and amazing this is to me "

You can see more from Yu’s portfolio on Instagram and Behance.

Jenny Yu captures transient moments from everyday moments through a growing collection of digital art.

Different artists' illustration styles have different qualities that look like a real blend of digital images and analog photography.

Many works that display colorful and glowing light spots.

Watch how Yu creates an illustrations in Photoshop.

More info and Jenny Yu: Website | Instagram | Behance | Dribbble | Here

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