Illustrations Of Fruits And Veggies Like Human Being

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Illustrations Of Fruits And Veggies Like Human Being

Alex Solis sasys Freshest Foods was a way to challenge himself and to show he can also do stuff not focused on pop culture. “It started as one or two drawings and brainstorming with simple objects to create something out of something simple like a carrot,” said the artist. He would think of as many concepts for different fruits and veggies as he could and would then pick out the 10 best ones.“I find it challenging to create new ideas based on exciting art that others wouldn’t think about,” says Alex. “But again it’s something I personally love, so it’s more so an exploration of what our culture is.”

“I’m lucky enough that my work is able to touch a lot of people nowadays. I see it as an ongoing art show and a way for me to just share a laugh and also to be able to focus more on my art as a career by having more eyes on it,” said the artist in an interview.

Alex is an illustrator, 3D sculptor, and b-boy who has recently created a series of amusing illustrations titled The Freshest Foods that show fruits and veggies struggling with human-like problems.

“Ever since I could remember, art has been there for me, through hard times and good. Growing up in a humble environment where I didn’t have much, art has always been it, I’m lucky in that way that it was never a doubt what I wanted to do with my life,” says the artist. Alex says everything inspires him and he sees his art as a “window of expression of myself and what happens around him”.

Alex even started his own independent brand called Oddworx where he sells products based on his art, such as t-shirts, stickers, and figurines.

“A lot of my ideas are just concepts and day-to-day thoughts, so, in the end, it also means I do put out some that are not brilliant or even funny. But I think it’s worth doing ideas regardless: to one person they might be dumb, and to someone else, brilliant,” says Alex. “Artists always have to adjust and adapt to continue to grow, it’s an ever-changing job, but it’s what keeps me on my toes.”

Chek out Alex's Artworks below!

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