Imaginary Landscapes out of Hundreds of Photos

Catherine Nelson is an Australian visual artist, known for creating otherworldly floating globes. She has started a new creative chapter in her Expedition series about surreal images of nature. It took her almost 10 months to gather hundreds of photos together in order to create five pieces in painterly landscape which undertakes into the kingdom of fantasy worlds and too fabulous to be real.


Featuring unique plants, animals and even human figures half hidden amid the expansive trees and lavish greenery, each piece is absolutely unbelievably detailed. Even in her stunning photographic work can show clearly that Nelson has undergone a strict training as a painter.


Due to the creative and warped perspective of each piece, the blue sky and small enclosures of clouds make them look like some portals to yet another imaginary land. The clear scenery of the sky adds to the otherworldliness.


As Nelson says during an interview, “When I embraced the medium of photography, I felt that taking a picture that represented only what was within the frame of the lens wasn’t expressing my personal and inner experience of the world around me. With the eye and training of a painter and with years of experience behind me in film visual effects, I began to take my photos to another level.”


The viewer seems to be transported to wild and beautiful landscapes as a result of stunningly digitally painted portfolio.

Source: My Modern Met, Chaterine Nelson, Website