Imaginative Scenes in Monochromatic Illustrations

EmilianoP is a New Zealand-based Italian artist who is the skilled hand behind these beautifully dark and mysterious illustrations. And quite recently, he has actually quite purposeful concepts as to create figures that seem to emerge from quick ink strokes throughout a page.


By vividly imagining the scene in his mind, he begins making each piece. And, in order to reach the final creation, he then pencils the paper as to blend the layering graphite and ink together. The complex line illustrations from which the monochromatic stories emerge bring the viewer to take on all kinds of imaginative adventures.


It’s incredible to know that EmilianoP can produce lots of variations of rich textures and also detailed grays. Amazingly enough, he is able to do that with just a few basic tools.


Trying to describe about his art, EmilianoP said, “I’d say it’s a bit hard to consider my work as art, it lacks some fundamental trait that I associate with art itself. Art is about total freedom of expression while I just figuratively represent situations I happen to think about. I draw tangible objects, people, animals, I couldn’t choose to represent their concepts in other forms, so I’m not free. What I do is more similar to craftsmanship.”



Source: My Modern Met, EmilianoP, Website