Imposibility Painting on Incredibly Tiny Landscape

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Imposibility Painting on Incredibly Tiny Landscape

You may have seen some of Hasan Kale’ s micro paintings on butterflies and snail shells, but this year he seems to be focusing more on food. Like every small edible thing from fruit seed to peanut is painted on. The landscapes are depictions of his native Istanbul, from the Nusretiye Mosque illustrated on a half-peeled almond to another picturesque scene on a Milka square (which is my favorite). Kale keeps challenging himself to go beyond his limits and artistically conquer all tiny surfaces.

From onion skins to kiwi seeds or even a little chocolate, it seems that each canvas is sufficient for Turkish artist Hasan Kale (previously) as long as it meets the requirements to be very small. Hasan was pleased with the challenge of describing his native Istanbul landscape in the smallest brushwork, an achievement that required the use of a magnifying glass to appreciate the details of each part. While the longevity of every object he painted is questionable, the stability of his hands is impressive to witness.

These are a few of Hasan Kale‘s best micro paintings – Just put your glasses and enjoy!

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