Incredible Hyperrealistic Tattoos With Depth and Definition

Arlo DiCristina is a Colorado-based hyper realistic tattoo artist who produces much of 3D surreal paintings on most of his clients’ skin. His tattoo styles refer to life-like portraits that blend into other shapes. For instance, like those of fancy flourished vegetation, the depth of an ocean or the city scapes which are filled with smokes.

Normally he is the kind of tattooist who pays attention to details and active imagination. Each of the portrait has a distinctive trait that anyone who sees it will think that the tattoo is done by a brush instead of needles. That made it possible since DiCristina applies what is called a dramatic shading over outlines which result in such stunningly marvelous 3D drawings.

In order to accomplish the high level of artistic definition, his piece actually are coming from other forms of art. As he said to Inked, “I am inspired by many artists, photographers, and sculptors. I love to see the new amazing things people are coming up with. The biggest fulfillment I get is creating something new, but I know how much of an impact the inspiration of other artists’ work has affected my own.”

Actually his many interests and also his preference over with having dabbled in oil painting, airbrush, and wood burning can further inform his fantastical “face morph” style-pieces. It clearly shows that his style is full of intriguing visual references.