Incredible Used Cardboard Like Clay

At a glance you can easily be fooled with these cardboard cups. They appear to be really made of cardboard. Don’t just trust your eyes for that. Look longer and look closely. If you can do that, you will find out that those cups are not what you think they are.

So, what is it that those cups are made of if they are not made out of cardboard? Those are not of papers either. They are just ceramics. Yes, those cups are actually cleverly disguised clay cups by a ceramics virtuoso.

It’s Tim Kowalczyk, our ceramicist who is behind these clay cup designs.  Tim is actually a lecturer at Illinois Central College. But if he’s not busy teaching, he would spend time in his studio creating these amazing ceramic illusions of whatever he chooses to mimic. To gain the best results as show here, Tim requires not only much time but also tons of patience too.

In order to make the cardboard cups and cardboard plates,he needs to feel realistic.  He would glaze the ceramics in certain areas to make it look like there’s tape on them. That’s why feelings are also needed.