Artist Recreates Disney Princesses Like 'The Cool Chicks' On Instagram, Results Are Hilarious as Hell!

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Artist Recreates Disney Princesses Like 'The Cool Chicks' On Instagram, Results Are Hilarious as Hell!

Dari is an artist who likes to experiment quite a lot. Her recent artwork on iconic Disney princesses living it up in the Social Media era is truly LIT! Scroll away!

We have grown up watching Disney Princesses and their happily ever after stories because that was the only thing that gave us some hope, also the lack of any social mediums limited our exposure to the various aspects of entertainment. Today one cannot imagine their life without Instagram or Snapchat, I mean, how tough is it to imagine your life without social media? Now, how fun would it be to fuse the two of our entertainment sources together? follows these lines when it comes to her artwork. By portraying how Disney princesses would look like if they were created in a modern age she takes our sense for a joy ride of nostalgia. From Snow White taking selfies to The Little Mermaid hanging out on the beach in her bikini, lets her imagination run wild and we love it!

1. Aurora treating herself


Live a little!

2. Cinderella's all about work!


This is lit!

3. Disney couples!


They are slaying!

4. Tarzan and Jane


We like her this way!

5. The Merida Charm


Because sporty is the new sexy!

6. Jasmine and Aladdin are pure love!


It's simply magical!

7. Rapunzel, the explorer!


Calm yourself.

8. Moana's craving some takeout!


Atta girl!

9. The new Cinderella story!


The binge begin!

10. Catching some sun


How's your day going?

11. The Selfie game!


No one does it better than her.

12. Besties for life!


Just crazy things with her!

13. The Bride feel


Isn't she pretty?

14. Tiana's swag


Nothing can beat that!

15. I'm enchanted!


Aren't you?

16. Beachside Bella


Push away all your fears!

17. Pocahantas, the Coachella girl!



18. Enjoy the ride


That's some hair goals!

19. Megara the one from Hercules


Get on with it!

20. Back to basics


Another Lit day!

21. This is Instaperferct!


Flaunt away!

22. Life's good


What else do you want?

23. The airport look


A mermaid waiting for her fight is definitely a sight to see.

24. Princess Jasmine


The daily jazz.

25. Winters with Snow White


That's very cozy.

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