Interconnected World Captured in Watercolor Paintings

Kelogsloops is a popular name for Hieu, a brilliant watercolor painter whose capacity in using a swirl of color and texture is beyond question. This Melbourne-based creative can fuse space, some motifs of water and weightlessness, which then combine these dramatic illustrations with the cheerful fluidity of watercolor tint. As those merge together into much stunningly ethereal forms, spectacular image can now be ready for enjoyment. Just check out some Hieu’s illustrations.

Once Hieu mentioned his type of painting in his web, “I grew up with deviantArt, and one thing I always remembered so distinctively those little indicators of the “daily deviation”, whether it was the golden bar and the red love heart that it is now, or how those artworks would appear at the bottom of the website. Daily Deviations were reserved for the artists I considered gods/goddesses, talents in their own rights. Those works were creative masterpieces by geniuses of a different breed, the kind of artists that you look up to and just go ‘wow, I wish I could be like that’.“

And in another stance he also wrote in his other website, where he said that, “I used to be in love with manga and anime. These are only one/two pages from each sketchbook, but the rest of the pages are flooded with characters in embarrassing cliche romantic anime and manga moments. I also loved game fan art at the time, especially World of Warcraft, so I drew a lot of elves and orcs and draenei, even going as far as giving them names and writing stories for them hahaha.”

“In my high school years I started to shift towards so many different styles. I started to make my work more realistic, but I also experimented with more graphic style work like comic/superhero art, chibi art, hyperrealism and even abstract and surreal art. Eventually I settled with an art style that merged all my experimenting – the style I have today, which I’m pretty happy with!”