Artist Adds An 'Adult' Touch To Popular Cartoon Characters And It's Simply Alluring!

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Artist Adds An 'Adult' Touch To Popular Cartoon Characters And It's Simply Alluring!

Isabelle Staub has a flair for art, and it's evidenced in her artworks. We combed through a series of pictures that are creative in every sense of the word.

Isabelle Staub is a US-based illustrator who reimagines cartoon characters like The Powerpuff Girls Into breathtakingly beautiful women. Each of her pieces requires a lot of time due to the huge amount of creativity involved in them! After scrolling through the recreations you would definitely think that the hours of hard work are certainly worth it! Her Instagram account is jam-packed with these pristine creations and here's a little something to get you started.

1. Velma


Never thought of her as a hottie!

2. Daphne


Always the charmer.

3. Jessica Rabbit


The sexiest of them all!

4. Bliss


The latest addition to the Powerpuff girls!

5. Buttercup


The rebellious kind!

6. Bubbles


How cute is she?

7. Blossom


She can lead you to success!

8. Kim


Anything is possible when it's her.

9. Anastasia


Untangling the mess like always.

10. Pennywise


If the IT clown was a woman this would be her.

11. Esmeralda


What's not to like about her?

12. Mrs. Grinch


She'll ruin Christmas!

13. Chel


The one who can lead you to El Dorado.

14. Megara


She can be ruthless!

Staub has also created some original and commissioned artworks which turned out to be splendid.

15. Are mermaids scary?


Not her!

16. Valentine's


It's not a celebration for everyone.

17. Rework


An original piece by Isabelle Staub. 

18. Cherry Blossom


Her spin on it.

19. Solána Imani Rowe a.k.a. SZA


A tribute!

20. Princess Asha


Let the fire burn bright.

21. White Sirens


Do not respond!

22. Yin and Yang


You just need a balance.

23. Rabid love


Hey Buns!

24. I'm a nightmare, baby!


You just can't resist!

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