Photographer Ropes In Breastfeeding Mums For A 'Wild' Shoot, Pictures Are Pretty Darn Soulful!

Photographer Ropes In Breastfeeding Mums For A 'Wild' Shoot, Pictures Are Pretty Darn Soulful!

While not many are comfortable at the idea of spotting a woman breastfeed her child in public, photographer Ivette Ivens tries to bring in a refreshing perspective.

Breastfeeding is the most natural and purest act that binds a mother to her child after birth. Recently there's been a lot of discussion of breastfeeding in public. While some don't seem to mind it a bit, there are several others who have an opinion that differs from the others. Ivette Ivens is a Lithuanian born photographer who uses her creative abilities to click pictures that of women feeding their baby in public and promoting the cause. Her specialty lies in family photography and she is on her way to publishing a book called 'Breastfeeding Goddess''.

1. The special bond 


There's no one like you.

2. This is only natural


You can be both.

3. You were made this way


This is a blessing indeed.

4. You are beautiful the way you are


We have nothing that we want to change about you.

5. You're a force to be reckoned with


The one who smiles when you are happy.

6. Nothing can give you more joy


Being a mother is special.

7. Being able to nurse your kids is a gift in itself


What more could one want?

8. This is home


In your arms, we find our paradise.

9. This is empowering


Mother and proud.

10. It's more than a choice


It's a responsibility.

11. If you don't like it look away!


How can someone have a problem with something as natural as this?

12. This is her super power


What's yours?

13. It's the best choice for every baby


If you might be sure about your preference but this sure is good for the baby.

14. No one should have a problem with something this pure


Block out all the haters.

15. Just another day


Cheers to another of motherhood.

16. The provider


Motherhood is about learning about strengths you didn't know you had.

17. She is the carebear you need


Everything seems fine in her presence.

18. Love in every drop


Hold on to that love!

19. Nothing to hide


Everything would change but this love won't.

20. Rest peacefully knowing your kid is healthy


Choose to breastfeed.

21. It's not always easy


But it's worth it.

22. All they need is love


You need to take care of them as well.

23. Keep your heads held high


There are several challenges that may come your way but nothing can affect this.

24. Take pride in this


You are the Queen.

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