Jackie Chan Portrait Made out of 64,000 Chopsticks

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Jackie Chan Portrait Made out of 64,000 Chopsticks

Hong Yi, aka Red is an artist who is always up to something fantastic. It’s so true when looking at the way she's building portraits or constructing innovative food creations  with dyed flowers or coffee stains.

The most recent project Hong Yi did was when she wanted to celebrate Jackie Chan's 60th birthday this year with something she thought the most memorable thing.

So, she created something she never did before out of chopsticks. She chose to make a masterful portrait of this martial art master and an actor as well from just bunches of chopsticks.

Why she picked chopsticks as the medium with which she created her work of art is because chopsticks are actually a symbol of prosperity in the Chinese culture.

It took Red the whole month to collect disposable bamboo chopsticks from cafes, stalls, and factories in Zhejiang and Beijing. The reason why she did it is that she believes that using disposable chopsticks is a way to show how things can always be repurposed and reused into something meaningful.

And when she thought she got enough materials that reach about 64,000 chopsticks, she began with her amazing work to produce her piece. She meticulously tied batches of those chopsticks together and strung them in rows in order to create Jackie Chan's likeness.

May be from close, the chopsticks are nothing more than a pixelated arrangement of dots. But as we move away from it, Chan's smiling face pops up from the wooden sticks. That was another stunningly creative Red's innovative work of art whose comparison is hard to find.

Red says, "This piece was inspired by his chopsticks battle scene in the Fearless Hyena. There are 60 bamboo holders with skewers in them that form the Chinese character 'long' (dragon) in different styles because Jackie's Chinese name is 'Chen Long'.

H/T My Modern Met

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