Japanese Artist Creates Beautiful oil Paintings of Landscape

Hidenori Mitsue is from Japan but now he lives in Netherlands. He paints beautiful, circular landscapes which allow viewers to feel the sensation of gazing into a tiny slice of a much bigger view.


His oil paintings on linen measuring about 20×20 inches round can merge landscapes with the abstracts. Mitsue paints houses, windmills, buildings, and trees with familiar detail but then he uses faster paints strokes of bright whites and colors to create the idea of people fixed against the lenient, misty backdrops.


When seen for afar, it seems that each scene is focusing on tiny people working together in a very common scene. But, if you take a closer look, the small and dynamic figures composed of very little details will clearly show up.


The blatant spaces are very much of the ordinary, allowing viewers to fully concentrate on the simplicity yet quite creative interpretations of reality. To make it interesting is that Mitsue tends to always pick winter scenes with their snow-covered rooftops and plain tree branches.