Japanese Craft of Artistic Lollipop

Don’t ever hesitate to give a bite or munch on sculptures-like food on the display at a small shop in Japan because they are real food and for sure are pretty much edible. Only that they are designed in sculptures of frogs, fish or octopus which you may be fooled that they might not be meant for human consumption.


Those sculptures are all meticulously created by a Japanese artist called Shinri Tezuka, now 26 years of age. This kind of craftsmanship has been handed down from generation to generation in Japan and such Japanese craft of artistic lollipop making is called Amezaiku which was dating back to the 700.


Now Tezuka opens a small shop called Ameshin, where he makes these incredible candies all by hands. And at times, he would hold workshop and some kind of cooking demo for the public to see how he makes his creations. Normally at his store, Tezuka sells his candies for between 1000 -000 yen.


Those food Tezuka made are highly detailed, and he even includes the small ridges on fins, bulging eyes, and soft variations in color. These yummy lollipops consists of sugary syrup, starch, and organic coloring, but they look almost too good to eat.