Japanese Create Incredible Animal Sculptures out of Newspaper Rolls

There is this Japanese artist named Chie Hitotsuyama who can transform used newspapers into completely stunning animal sculptures. If for most of us newspaper only serves reading passages, commercials and ads or job vacancies column, for Chie they mean a whole different purpose. Check out what she did to used newspaper. You like it everyone?

Chie creates most stunning animal sculptures from something that most of us simply throw in the trash. Here the Japanese artist can turn used newspapers into incredibly realistic animal sculptures instead of anything else. Maybe this can be the first time that an artist can make good use of such papers to make beautiful looking animals.

The process of making such sculptures is done entirely by hand. In order to give shades of color, she would use the colored parts of the newspaper in order to enhance the contours and gradations of her subjects. The way she creates her paper animals is by densely rolling, twisting, and binding those pieces of wet newspaper.

When her job is done, we can see various animals made of newspapers are all set for display. From red-faced Japanese macaques to languishing lizards. We can even find a giant dozing rhinoceros there as her collections.