Japanese Art of Stacking Coins

@thumb_tani is a Japanese Twitter user whose name is Tanu. He is a master in the art of balance. By using his sharp sense of equilibrium of some coins, he managed to create those small, fascinating coin sculptures by carefully positioning them in the exact right way.

With his master skills Tanu could take these coin arrangements to a whole new, and perhaps a totally epic level which is very hard to find his comparison. Many of us probably have tried arranging this same sort of coin stacking, but for sure won’t be able to match Tanu’s way.

In creating his intricate structures that vary in shape and size, Tanu often has to use many different denominations. First of all, he’ll be building a strong base of staggered coins. Then, he does the seemingly impossible.

It’s always mesmerizing to see what Tanu does at site, and it also makes you want to hold your breath for seeing such a thing. The ever precarious-looking sculptures appear as though they could tumble any time but in fact they can stay standing strong. Actually it is made possible because Tanu tries to stand the coins upright and place them edge-to-edge without the discs falling or even quivering. To make it more interesting, he will even sometimes stack more coins or other stuff on top.