Jasmine Targett’s Glass Artwork for Climate Issues

As a techno romanticist, Jasmine’s work aims to visually and conceptually investigate ‘blind spots’ in perception, making the void between existence and nature tangible. Exploring the tension between awareness and visibility, her work highlights issues surrounding anthropocentrism and the environment.(jasminetargett.com)

There is a subversive and scientific undertone within her work. Her seemingly beautiful and intricately crafted works chart landmarks of anthropocentric disaster that cannot be found on any atlas or world map. These dark wonders of the natural world offer an insight into a ‘super ecology’ in which the natural and artificial have become inextricably linked within one natural system: An ecosystem of universal proportions from which no part is immune from the changes of its counterparts.
‘Jasmine Targett, has used NASA satellite data to represent the ozone hole – and the invisible terror of anthropogenic environmental harm – as a human-scaled, realistically iceberg-shaped sculpture. Because, like an iceberg, it’s what we can’t see that we should be afraid of.’ – Dylan Rainforth, Sydney Morning Herald, June 2014.

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