Jaw-dropping Surreal Body Painting

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Jaw-dropping Surreal Body Painting

Carolyn Roper is a London-based professional body painting artist and make-up artist whose work is constantly featured in magazines, newspapers, music videos, on television advertisements and as well as on CD and book covers. Check out her work here.

Due to her stunning body painting job, Roper has won awards for a couple of times including World Body Painting Champion and CIBTAC Body Artist of the Year. She is the one who created the surreal work for Biffy Clyro, the Scottish rock band’s album Puzzle. As you see here, her creation is of a man-made up of jigsaw puzzles, with one piece missing.

And she also created her piece for the same project where she presented the stunning body painting, of a man covered in crashing waves.

Roper has also involved The World Bodypainting Festival 2014 where the world's best body painters from 45 countries competed for the title of world champion.

H/T My Modern Met

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