Jello City Landscape

Liz Hikok is one great artist using uncommon material for her artwork. She using monoammonium phosphate for making transparent, colorfull and appealing composition.

One of her artwork is San Franscisco landscape in crystal jello, She cast elaborate scale models of urban landmarks out of Jell-O, light them from below and bring them to life with photography and video. The molded shapes of the city blur into a jewel-like mosaic of luminous color and volume. Remade in an unexpected material, seemingly permanent architectural structures are transformed into something precarious and ephemeral. Their fragility quickly becomes a metaphor for the transitory nature of human artifacts.
She drew the inspiration for this project from my immediate surroundings in San Francisco, where the geological uncertainties of the landscape evoke uncanny parallels with the gelatinous material. Since beginning the series, Liz have been inspired by other urban and suburban sites with metaphorical possibilities, including the White House, Las Vegas and New York City.

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