Powerful Paintings That Prove How 'Adult' Emotions Can Be Really Toxic!

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Powerful Paintings That Prove How 'Adult' Emotions Can Be Really Toxic!

Jeremy Enecio skillfully displays the dormant side of human emotions and the dark realities of adult life!

Jeremy Enecio chooses Acrylic and oil paints as a medium to display the complex human emotions that lie dormant within us. He subtly touches up various subjects like religion, emotions, and prevalent injustices with a dark theme which is prevalent in each of his artwork. Enecio creates these mesmerizing pieces as a freelance artist and resides in New York City after having received his BFA in illustration From the Maryland Institute College of Arts in Baltimore. The way he toys with the human body in his paintings is something that you have never seen before and here are a few amazing examples of that.

1. Don't kill your innocence


No matter how hard it gets.

2. Witness the changeling!


How horrifying beautiful.

3. Belonging to the same place


We are one and alike.

4. Addiction


Drowning your sadness in alcohol is a temporary solution.

5. The world's out there to get you!


Save yourself.

6. Hollywood, the age of anxiety



7. Sinful eyes


Tread carefully.

8. The voices


It's all in your head.

9. Infected thoughts


They eat you away.

10. Misleading Reporters


We trust them blindly.

11. Bright thoughts


Be positive no matter what.

12. Efficiency


Is it a 'fair play' or a 'fair pay'.

13. Discrimination


This image speaks louder than words.

14. Acceptance of the other side


The soul harvesters.

15. Rise to the challenge 


Make each moment count.

16. The creative outlet


An artist's world.

17. Blood child


Motherly emotions.

18. Fight back!


Do it whenever you have to.

19. Loneliness


It takes you bit by bit.

20. Focus


Open up your third eye.

21. Uncontrollable sadness


Can you help it?

22. The impressionable child


They are manipulated easily.

23. In a trance


Lover's bond is the purest of them all.

24. See yourself the way you want


The only hope we have is our imagination.

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