Woman's Heartwarming Review Of Her Baby With Down Syndrome Is Truly Glorious!

Woman's Heartwarming Review Of Her Baby With Down Syndrome Is Truly Glorious!

Gwendolyn was diagnosed with Down Syndrome even before she was born. Parents Jessica and Joshua Edgan saw it as a blessing in disguise.

Jessica Young Egan and her husband Joshua Egan had to struggle hard to become parents. After going through a failed IVF, they were ecstatic to know that they had finally conceived. 11 weeks into the pregnancy, the little girl growing inside her was diagnosed positive for Trisomy 21 which also known as Down syndrome. This news broke their heart but they decided to make the best of this opportunity.


Before Jessica conceived, they had a hard time getting pregnant. They even joined a local infertility support group where they built strong relations and felt a little less alone during this process. Considering alternative methods of giving birth to a child they went through their first round of IVF which had disappointing results. But that didn't stop them from trying again and had their daughter Gwendolyn in their second attempt.


When they discovered the devastating results of their baby's physical health they couldn't help but grieve deeply. After three days of grieving, they decided to educate themselves about this condition so that they are prepared for when she came along. Both contacted their local Down syndrome foundation and obtained the statistics of 1 in every 700 babies being born with it in their area. Educating themselves about this condition changed the way they felt about Down syndrome. 


Due to the lack of knowledge, they naturally had a fear concerning this syndrome but after coming in contact with several children with the same syndrome they felt lucky to be chosen to have a special girl like her. Two months after the birth of their child Jessica chose Facebook as a platform to write a sincere review about having such a precious little daughter. She wrote, "When I placed my order I said, ‘Regular amount of chromosomes, please!’ That’s what everyone else got and what I wanted too. They called me shortly after my order was in production and said ‘Great news, we went ahead and upgraded you to extra chromosomes for free! You’ll receive the extra chromosomes with your completed order in 9 months.’ What?! I was mad!"


"All the other orders I had seen displayed via perfect Instagram posts did NOT have extra chromosomes. Well, I decided that receiving my order with extra chromosomes was better than not receiving an order at all, so I settled in to wait for this surprise upgrade to arrive. I have now had my order for two months and am writing this review to let others know the upgrade to extra chromosomes is amazing!! If offered, definitely take it! I posted some photos below of the finished product and you can see the extra chromosome is so worth it – it is extra cute, extra special, and extraordinary! So much extra joy. Would purchase again for sure", she continued.


This post grabbed a lot of attention which was evident by the 347,000 likes that it received. In an interview, she talked about how thrilled she was by this positive feedback which she would cherish all her life. However, Jessica and her husband have a long way to go in terms of their child's physical growth because Gwendolyn's their first and they have nothing to compare it with but thanks to their support group they are not alone in this.


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