Jewelries of Kids Drawing Makes Childhood Memories Everlasting

In Tasarim Takarim’s art studio, two Turkish artists are busy working to turn kids’ drawings into a highly creative jewelry as special keepsakes. The idea came from Ysemin Erdin Tavukcu’s daughter, Serin, as she wanted a jewelry out of her own drawings.


Our beautiful childhood memories will remain longer when we wear our drawings as kids on our necks, ears or wrists. Hopefully, memories of special time when we were kids will stay in our small pendants of gold or silver, while at the same time, they show eternal imagination of children creativity.


As Tasarim Takarim turn more kids drawings into silver or gold jewelries which they then collaborated with goldsmith named Ozgur karavit also assisted by his son, Kerem. To satisfy their customers from all over the world, Tasarim Takarim let them send in their sketches and the studio will help transform them into wearable piece of artwork.  During an interview with Huffington Post, Tavukcu said that all incoming drawings are unique and so are the results in sculptures.


Mostly, Tasarim Takarim’s work are gifts, and as a bonus. Kids would love to see their own drawings in jewelry, feeling happy and very proud since they find the jewelry to be really of their own design. Kids feel that their creativity is now well-appreciated and loved by other people.

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Source: My Modern Met, Tasarim Takarim, Instagram





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