Lady Photographer KISSES Strangers For A Project; 'Before And After' Images Are Just Too Soulful!

Lady Photographer KISSES Strangers For A Project; 'Before And After' Images Are Just Too Soulful!

Johanna Siring's recent photography project "Kiss A Stranger" has us completely floored by its outcome. The pictures will brighten up your day!

A Norwegian photographer, Johanna Siring, came up with a unique series called "Kiss A Stranger" which has a lot to do with kissing the actual subject. She tries to capture the instant change in their expressions after that physical contact. The New York-based artist went along with her idea of making this experience meaningful by learning about their thoughts and ideas. To our surprise, the difference in their expression says it all. It's all about warmth and comfort that one would only feel around a friend.

1. The change is remarkable!


He looks so comfortable.

2. They look like two different people!


How did she come up with this?

3. You can be yourself


This is amazing!

4. Go crazy!


She surely is okay with it.

5. Now that's how a friend would smile


Incredible, right?

6. Is that his real smile?


He still looks a bit shy.

7. A charming young lady


Her smile looks so precious.

8. Let loose


This looks so much better.

9. Flash a smile for me


And soon it wasn't awkward anymore.

10. A simple yet effective trick!


You know it works.

She has also captured various Hollywood celebrities, several brands, and many well-known models.

11.  Pharrell Williams


The 'Happy' singer in the flesh.

12. Ashley Graham


We don't have words to describe this Goddess.

13. Jessica Alba


What an amazing actress.

14. Zoe Isabella Kravitz


She is pure magic.

15. Cardi B


I like dollars, I like diamonds.

16. Noah Schnapp


Who doesn't love the cast of Stranger Things?

17. Another shoot day


That's a job well done.

18. Chrissy Teigen


According to Johanna Siring Chrissy is the most friendly person she's ever met.

19. Bella Hadid


How does she look so perfect every time?

20. Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid


Soul sister!

21. Nick Jonas


What do we have here?

22. Michael Lockley


Another upcoming model who already has over 49k followers.

23. Maybelline


This Ad was shot by her for Maybelline.

24. Revlon


She has some skills!

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