Illustrator Hilariously Depicts 'Young Dad' Struggles, And He Hits The Nail On The Head!

Illustrator Hilariously Depicts 'Young Dad' Struggles, And He Hits The Nail On The Head!

Parenting is no easy task. It drains you financially and physically, but is indeed worth every bit of the struggle. Jonathan Jui is a London-based illustrator knows it the best. Scroll through his comics to find out more!

A London-based illustrator, Jonathan Jui, is the creative mind behind the hit comic series Baba's Field Notes. Like any new parent, Jui too had no idea what he was getting himself into and it's the same even after three years. In order to capture every precious moment spent with his son, he uses his artistic skills and sense of humor to create this journal-like series. Instead of always talking about the struggles he includes sweet moments spent with his family which makes everything worthwhile. Check out these heartwarming yet hilarious comics that will prove to be very comforting.

1. Too clever for his age!


This boy is scarily genius.

2. Nope!


That not what he meant, child.

3. What's going on?


How does finding his way into his pants?

4. To yank or not to yank


The eternal question that still needs an answer.

5. This is how their brain works


At least it's easier this way.

6. Goodbye evenings!


When you're tired you have no idea how the day passed by.

7. How sweet is this child?


Every parent craves for a caring kid like him.

8. Less is not more


His son doesn't get this concept.

9. He sure knows how to play it right


It's nice of him to consider his dad's feelings.

10. Who cares about falling sick when you see your family after a long time?


You might regret it later.

11. You have been toodler'ed!


He's too naive to remove any evidence.

12. The piggy parents


How did he come up with this?

13. Sweet child of mine


You're never going to be alone anymore.

14. Make up your mind!


How long does it take to choose one/

15. I need some space


Kid needs some alone time.

16. Their mind works in mysterious ways


You're not supposed to like them.

17. Drake, the idol


This is interesting.

18. That's what I've been saying all along!


What's wrong with kids?

19. Denied!


No matter how cute they are, there are some rules all parents have to follow.

20. Conversational skills


How good are you at understanding what a toddler says?

21. This is what a vacation with a toddler looks like


It's all so true.

22. He's in top form


Another day at the nursery.

23. Things took an interesting turn


This is really amazing!

24. What it really means


This is the accurate meaning.

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