Kai-Xiang Xhong’s Brilliant Cardboard Sculptures

Kai-Xiang Xhong is 20-year-old Taiwanese student. Actually he has this unique hobby of building astonishingly subtle and realistic works of art from cardboard. Just recently, Xhong used the humble medium cardboard to build a life-size replica of Iron Man looking every bit just like the suit directly from the movies.


The glowing chest plate right down to arms is reproduced perfectly, each in great detail. Actually it took Xhong nearly a year to complete the cardboard sculpture as he did it between school and other activities. But all and all, the results can be so extraordinary that most likely even Tony Stark himself would be jealous.


Xhong’s brilliant cardboard creation which is only one and the latest is that of Iron Man. In his spare time, he constructs a variety of creatures that are equally as intricate and lifelike.


We can see them from Optimus Prime, and the miniature glowing Godzilla to huge T-rex skulls.