Karlbox – Exclusive Collections of Your Drawings Tools

Although actually Karl Lagerfeld is a famous fashion designer, he has recently launched his new collections which have no relation with apparels at all. Faber-Castell, the world leading pencils manufacturer has commissioned him to set up new creations featuring a limited edition of art supplies called the Karlbox.


Karlbox organizes about 350 collections of painting and drawing tools. Actually, Karlbox is meant to resemble that of a traditional Chinese wedding box, each is numbered for its exclusiveness. Therefore there are only 2,500 pieces produced for such event.


120 Albrecht Durer artists’ watercolor pencils, 60 Pitt Artist Pens Brush, 12 Castell 9000 graphite pencils, and much more are contained in the wooded box.


Lagerfeld personally selected the shade of color to represent his lifelong love of art and personal aesthetic as well.