24 Silly Illustrations That Are Just So Direct, That They Are Hilarious!

24 Silly Illustrations That Are Just So Direct, That They Are Hilarious!

Keren Rosen brings every idiom and phrase to life. And, we can't help but smile at how these pictures speak for themselves.

Illustrator Keren Rosen provides a visual depiction of our favorite phrases and idioms. It's often seen that we hardly come across drawings that are self-explanatory, unlike Rosen's contrasting work. By keeping the topic simple, Rossen caters to a larger mass of people.  Filled with rich food puns, her illustrations never fail to crack us up.  And, isn't that what we look for in a good set of comics?

1. If that's what makes you happy!


Now get him what he wants!

2. Quite literally!


This is your bell in shining brass!

3. It really hard to mend


What can you do about it?

4. Let the jamming begin!


Are they into jazz?

5. Not too much, though!


Keep your head in the game.

6. The beast has been unleashed!


Don't you just hate them?

7. Did something good come out of that?


We doubt it.

8. Pollution free solution


This is how it should be.

9. Look at that swag!


He's killing it!

10. I see what you did there!


Someone's been naughty!

11. Somewhere over the clouds the butter flies


Beautiful ain't she?

12. Sleepwalking much?


Moonwalking is so underrated!

13. Criminal Minds


How will you get your shots of caffeine now?

14. He's the best in town


Take our word for it.

15. They take their job very seriously!


You better be aware of them!

16. The worst split of them all!


We don't want to hurt you.

17. Surprise, surprise!


Who would've thought that it actually involved any real purchase?

18. Step-Up (Shoe Revolution)


They should have a shoe version of that movie.

19. This cracks of love


You know it's true.

20. If only they were healthy!


Too bad that they aren't!

21. Woah!


Things just got darker!

22. Not a compliment anymore!


This is so damn creepy!

23. That's original!


She knows how to crack us up!

24. Sing along!


This lady wants all the attention.

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