KFC Now Has A Hot And Spicy 'Virtual Influencer' As Colonel Sanders & It's Tempting!

KFC Now Has A Hot And Spicy 'Virtual Influencer' As Colonel Sanders & It's Tempting!

The new Instagram version of the famous fried chicken brand has more of a cool and hipster vibe, while the influencer shows tattoo across his toned stomach!

Social media is booming everywhere, helping everyone to put out their creativity, talent, and opinions in public with a bang. Be it an egg or a woman who smashes her face into loaves of bread, no one can put an end to bizarre yet creative ways of becoming famous on social media. But what to do if you already are a famous brand and want to get more customers? The latest one which is raging the internet is the 'virtual influencer' for one of the biggest chicken brand on social media, reported Daily Mail.



Yes, KFC just gave a brand new makeover to the famous face behind the company and the father of KFC, Colonel Harland Sanders. KFC lovers are used to seeing a joyful cartoon of Mr. Sanders on buckets of fried chicken. However, the new Instagram version of fried chicken has more of a cool and hipster vibe, who is also showing a tattoo across his toned stomach that says 'Secret Recipe For Success'. 



From his bio, one can know that he's a 'virtual influencer' who's 'chasing the dream' and 'selling chicken', based in Louisville, SoCal and 'Worldwide'. There is a shot along with a hashtag '#candid' with a caption "I may be a restaurant mogul and international inspiration, but I'm still just a kid who loves being in the kitchen. #humble."



The caption continued, "It's important never to lose sight of the things that make you who you are. For me, it's being in the kitchen and making amazing fried chicken. That's what got me here, and I never want to lose that young and hungry Colonel who spent all his time perfecting fried chicken. I'm still that kid who straps on an apron and makes fried chicken. And I'll never lose that part of me. Never lose the things that make you who you are. This is part of my #secretrecipeforsuccess."



Another picture taken is from the mid-workout at the gym, where he wrote, "I talk a lot about spiritual and emotional well-being and how to be successful, but another big part of being successful and emotionally and spiritually good is being physically good by going to the gym. Gotta sweat it out and push myself to be the best I can be. And you should too. Hit the gym at least once a day like me. Feels great to find something more within yourself - it's life affirming."  He added, "Going to the gym is part of my #secretrecipeforsuccess." The post had hashtags like #gymselfie, #fitfam and #friedchicken.


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