Kha Trung's cultural abstract painting

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Kha Trung's cultural abstract painting

Kha Trung is a Vietnamese artist who witnesses the life of the less affluent people in his country. That makes him walk around the city and the rural areas to find the noise and traffic of the city where the marginal people are involved in. Check out his piece as a results of his curiosity about those less fortunate in his city.

He said in his artist statement, “I love all about fine arts, especially painting. I found it my passion in the whole life. With painting can be myself and do what I want. I can fly with dreams and idea, freely express my feelings and thoughts and even destroy what I don’t want”.

Actually Kha Trung was born in Kien Giang in 1980. It is a city in the western part of Vietnam. Even at a very young age, at age 14 he already took a lesson in art. He went to some famous artists in Vietnam and there he learned a lot about the art of paintings from them.

Actually, Kha Trung is inspired by little moments of memory of happiness. And among those artists, he had the most influence from Nguyen Hoa Tuoi. He opened an art gallery in 2005 in Ho Chi Min city.

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