Lambok L Hutabarat talks about Remarkable Moment of War

One of outstanding illustrator for magazine in Indonesia is Lambok Hutabarat. Military visual term and every kind thing related to manly and tough life mostly like a natural drive for every boys. No doubt Lambok admits that he is often interested in all things military.

So he tried to tell the illusion of war. For him, there was a ton of paradox and hypocracy, every war always brings humanitarian problems, but at the same time also happens in the name of “humanity”.(cnn.indonesia)

“My teenage years are exposed to military films and they are carried away to old, like war films, and war films in addition to reminding people of the wickedness of war, at which time it offers aesthetics about human struggles to achieve goals,” he said.
Lambok spent his leisure time for making art work and arranging monthly agenda for drawing art exhibition with his art fellows group call “Killskill”, we can reach him at facebook : lambok.hutabarat.7

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