Large Cities in Apocalyptic Series

Michal Zak is a Berlin-based artist who has imagined if some of the world’s major metropolises were completely ruined. The End of Eternity is his series which conveys the fragility of peace by featuring apocalyptic scenes that showcase a future fictional war.


In his piece, we see images tattering world-famous landmarks within these huge cities. In every one of Zak’s compositions are New York’s Statue of Liberty floating the harbor, Paris’ Eiffel Tower in flames, smoke-filled air everywhere and crumbling buildings.


He even created this uncanny set of images to explore his notions about the menace that our world faces every day. Among other things, Zak sees the spread of nuclear weapons, unstoppable and the tensions between countries continue to upset people around Europe. This series is a way for him to consider the ramifications of global conflict and an impending trigger of World War III.


Zak’s series is an ultimate work of fiction. While it serves as portraits of a dark future, its destruction could make some things to ponder for the present, in order that we have to always strive for making our world a better place.


Above image: New York City, USA