LEGO Wedding Cake Makes Your Wedding Unforgettable

LEGO cakes for your wedding? Are you kidding? Certainly not. To make your wedding the most memorable moment in life, you can order for a LEGO wedding cake to Cupcakes by SJ because it is way different from the common traditional wedding cake. Your guests would surely never forget you and your wedding day.


For now, Cupcakes by SJ can only serve orders coming from the city of London because they currently don’t have a means for delivering outside their local area. And this LEGO wedding cake is meant for a more relaxed, low-key wedding. Cupcakes by SJ is engineered by Sam and his family, a London-based family who loves to bake. During an interview with The Huffington Post, Sam admitted that actually they only bake for friends or relatives. Once there was Sam’s cousin – the bride who gave his father an idea to make LEGO men cake for her wedding. She wanted them as a keepsake of the day.


Sam said, “We set to making it a reality for her with no idea of what would happen from there. When we posted a photo of the LEGO wedding cake to our Facebook page last week, it went viral and we received countless requests for our baked goods.”


He still couldn’t believe how actually one picture would create the influx of reactions within 2 days. Cupcakes by SJ wrote on their Facebook, “I thank each & every one of you from the bottom of my heart for your kind comments, likes & shares. It is completely mind blowing & left my parents & I lost for words.”

Source: My Modern Met, Cupcakes by SJ, Facebook


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