Lena Revenko : From Abtraction Form to Amazing Pattern Decoratives

Lena Revenko was born in 1976 and raised in Minsk, Belarus. With her family she repatriated to Israel at the age of 14. She graduated from Bezalel, the Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem with a BA degree in Visual Communications and Illustration. Now she works at Tel Aviv as an artist and graphic designer.

Pattern and art noveau decoratives make her art work simple and she make a magnificent scheme colour for every art work. The problem with abstraction is how very easily it turns into a set of easy,decorative tropes, so she make a symbolized for made a value and philosophy behind it.

Lena using background and an object in contrast composition, detailed pattern and texture really common and strong in her image art work.
Drawing, painting and mixed with collage, illustration for her clients and so personal symbolized apparent to every detail object.

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