Leonor Fini : Multitalented Women Artist in Her Era

Leonor Fini (1907–1996) was an Argentine surrealist painter, designer, illustrator, and author, known for her depictions of powerful women.

Fini had no formal artistic training. Her first major exhibition was in 1936 in New York at Julian Levy’s Gallery. Fini was considered part of a pre-war generation of Parisian artists, and outlived most of her artist peers. Surrealist artists in France became very interested in her once she began setting herself up as an artist, and came to know her as important in the movement.

She is mentioned in most comprehensive works about surrealism, although some leave her out (interestingly enough she did not consider herself a surrealist). She is improved her technique and subject matter to make a looped being a profesional artist in her era.
Many of her paintings featured women in positions of power; an example of this is the painting La Bout du Monde where a female figure is submerged in water up to her breasts with human and animal skulls surrounding her.