Artist Creates Pun-ny Doodles To Reveal What Mood Swings Actually Mean!

Artist Creates Pun-ny Doodles To Reveal What Mood Swings Actually Mean!

Lim Heng Swee is an award-winning designer who comes up with his new doodle series "Moody". Like the name suggests it's all about embracing every mood swing!

What do you say to people when you're just not feeling it? "I'm not in the mood", might just be the best way to convey that feeling but people tend to take it in a negative manner most of the time. When you're moody nothing can help until the feeling fades away with time.

While several people don't stand by this other like the artist, Lim Heng Swee, tells everyone that it's okay to be a little sad at times. Through his minimalistic illustrations, he conveys how this sadness could indeed be a beautiful thing. He uses famous characters from Star Wars and many cute animals to convey the same.

1. When the mood's just not right!


This moment will pass.

2. Han Solo?


Is that you?

3. One of those days


You're answerable to no one!

4. That's a nice touch!


The puns created by him are awesome!

5. Stress can teach you a great deal


You just have to overcome this feeling.

6. Blue is not our favorite color


See what he did there?

7. Major want!


You don't need this!

8. What can we do about this?


It's hard to understand their feeling.

9. Stop trying!


It'll fade in its own time.

10. I don't care


When the time's right things will 

11. Any Hug monsters out there?


We need you ASAP!

12. There's always someone who cherishes you!


Don't forget that!

13. Not today!


We'll see you later!

14. Stuck in a limbo


It feels like forever.

15. Later hater!


We don't need this right now!

16. No pressure!


It's okay to feel this way.

17. Chewbacca looks very low


Let's turn back time.

18. Meh!


When nothing seems right.

19. Come back tomorrow!


He'll see you then.

20. The struggle is real!


We sympathize with you dearly.

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