Line Tattoos Inspired by Surreal Artists as Picasso

If you are tired of those bold color tattoos, now you can resort to tattooist Daisy Watson who specializes in simple line tattoos yet purely inspired by those of modern art and fancy dreamy designs. Check them out. What do you think guys?

As a matter of fact, world iconic artists like Pablo Picasso, Jean Cocteau, and Jean Arp are those who gave most inspiration to Watson’s line tattoos. Only that she would translate their art in a much simpler way that they can then be etched in a thin line where mostly she would apply black ink to create her piece.
Usually, Watson would begin each quirky creation from a sketch, which is then inked onto Watson’s clients’ skin. In the end, we will find that Watson’s tatts appear very simple yet very enchanting as well.
Even if those line tatts are rooted in surrealism, her pieces echo the avant-garde aesthetic art. In order to bring these simply-drawn surrealist tattoos to life, Watson tries to make some curved lines, experimental compositions and those fractured forms to work together.