Illustrations Which Reveal An Introvert's Life Is Something Extroverts Would Never Understand

Illustrations Which Reveal An Introvert's Life Is Something Extroverts Would Never Understand

Lingvistov is a hilarious Instagram illustrator who reveals what exactly goes on in an introvert's mind.

Everyone impatiently waits for their week-offs as it lets them give a chance to indulge in various activities. While some are no less than social butterflies and love spending every waking minute meeting new people and expanding their social circle, others love their bed & Netflix way too much. 

Yes, we're talking about introverts who get uncomfortable with the very idea of socializing with people. Lingvistov is an Instagram artist who hilariously reveals what goes on inside their minds when they deny an invitation. Well, if you still aren't sure whether you are an introvert or not, these cool illustrations will help you come to a decision.

1. We keep delaying until it's too late


We don't seem to mind that.

2. I bet you are!


Isn't this the best option?

3. Movie night!


They would choose to stay in over going out any day!

4. The test of love


Let me rest!

5. How did you spend your weekend?


We bet it wasn't as relaxing as this!

6. I'll sleep after this!


I promise!

7. All the time!


It tires you out like anything!

8. That's a nice little excuse


Aren't they the best?

9. I tried my best!


You have to believe me!

10. A friend indeed!


Don't you feel uncomfortable around others most of the time?

11. Cozy and warm


Show love!

12. Let's call it a day!


Who's keeping a count anyway?

13. Take me back!


I'm sorry for not appreciating you!

14. Love being alone?


It's a lifestyle!

15. Let's take it from the start!


The results are going to be the same anyway!

16. That's life!


Don't you want it?

17. This is me every weekend!


The only thing that matters to us is this!

18. When your love for sleep trumps everything else!


This is one way to go.

19. That's the way she rolls!


You can't help but love them!

20. This is how we love to spend our time!


It's the best feeling!

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