Lithuanian Artist’s Oil Paintings of Fantasy Ships

Modestas Malinauskas is a Lithuanian painter whose work mostly about ethereal and magical fantasy world. This time he would like to show us some of his piece of oil paintings of fantasy ships. Actually his artworks are painted on canvases using a difficult multiple layered oil painting technique.

With these otherworldly cracking ships sailing from his ethereal fantasies, he could show that he is quite consistent with his styles. Here, each painting tells a different story, but every single one of them comes from the same magical fantasy world.

Many of his paintings look like they could be great art. We are very sure that those piece make great covers for  a fantasy novel or a comic book.

Looking at each ship, they seem to be cobbled together from a various scrap materials and sheets of metal, strips of tape and string even if they are even looking occasionally bursting at the seams. This goes to show that the details he achieves in his paintings are absolutely incredible.