Lively Animated Balloons by Japanese Artist

Masayoshi Matsumoto, a Japanese artist, has his creations to enjoy for both adults and children. It’s a colorful set of balloons that he turns into all kinds of animals like pink flamingo, glow-in-the-dark jellyfish, vivid fish and muscular tree lizard.


Besides his animal collections, Matsumoto also has other collections like a series of anime and video game characters. While here he’d rather use some help of a few extra tools to help bring the subjects to life. On the other hand, with his balloon collections, he doesn’t use anything but the balloons themselves that make them come to life.


Without using tape or markers, Matsumoto still able to make the balloons so animated and alive by just twisting various balloons together. Even the creatures’ beady eyes are actually made with tiny twisted balloons but have the look as if they were carefully drawn on with markers.

Source: My Modern Met, Masayoshi Matsumoto, InstagramBalloon0


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