Lively Scribbles Produce Energetic Portraits of Famous Faces

Vince Low is a Malaysia-based illustrator who uses a lively doodling method to create his animated black and white portraits. While sketching in his sketchbook, Low discovered his energetic process for the first time. He knew that his scribbles were actually the way to success.


 Actually, Low’s piece is full of purpose even he believes that scribbles are often understood as mindless symbols throughout a page.


The completion on a single piece is actually a balance of a seemingly random approach with complicatedly advanced results. That can clearly show in his happy personality which comes across in his animated explosion of loops and lines.

Posed shot of Kimbo Slice Credit: Tom Casino/EliteXC D120008

In his realistic portraits filled with beautiful lights and shadows and his incredibly impressive details are surely the result of his confident pen strokes.