Looking for Eyes for Your Monsters, Anyone?

What makes a dragon look fearsome? How about a ferocious dog or a snake or other monstrous beings? Some people would agree if it’s their eyes that make them look vicious. Imagine a dragon without eyes. It’s time to visit Stefano Prina in his studio, “Little Shop of Monsters”. He will create for you eyes of any monster you want. He is more than capable of creating eyes of monsters, reptiles, fish, animals both real and imaginary. Now, if you need eyes for your monsters, you know where to go.


Officially Stefano Prina, who lives in Milan, is an architect specializing in construction of scale-models and mock-ups. He’d been doing it for twenty five years constructing models, bridges, buildings. The experience taught him to use various different materials and construction techniques and as he wanted to create something of his own, he was inspired by the extraordinary expressive eye of his adored dog. Only then he began to create eyes of animals or monsters. He has made uncountable eyes since then. His eye creations are incredibly detailed which can be seen in their remarkably intricate components.


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He makes these small sculptures in acrylic resin, handmade in every shape, color and size. Each single piece takes about ten manual steps, including the design and coloring of the iris, shape, and pigmentation that involves color and water according to the inspiration of the moment.