Love is in Small Things We never Notice

Hi everyone, my name is Nidhi Chanani. I’m married with one daughter. I am actually an artist and also the owner of ‘EverydayLoveArt’. I was born in India but now I live in the San Fransisco bay area. Currently, I am working on my debut graphic novel, Pashmina, which will be published soon.

Illustration of couple walking in bamboo forest

Now that I’m a freelance illustrator, I always observe what is really happening in my surrounding for some ideas of my arts. I notice that actually our lives each day are comprised of moments of love.

Illustration of couple skipping in Central Park

Day by day the amount varies, sometimes its a kitty kiss or viewing a colorful sunset that I add to my art repertoire. Just check out what I did as a result of my observation.

Illustration of couple looking at Golden Gate bridge

Love is actually coming from from our travels from afar and eventually it has a home inside us. I can see love in my daughter’s smile, even in the animals around us or can be the faces of my friends and of course the warm embrace of my husband.

Illustration of couple dancing in pajamas