Lovely 3D Art Palm Illusions

My name is Luca Luce. I am from Italy. My work makes me what I am now, a tattoo artist, a celebrity make-up artist and also the first 3D hand painter in the world.

my hand painting 05

Because I am the one who invented a new form of 3D paintings on the palms and because I am the first person in the world with this skill, I have become famous around the world. People began to speak or write about me in the media all over the world, relating with my art.

my hand painting 03

Here I present a special gift for you, in this very page. It’s my 3D art on the palm of my hand. Hope you enjoy my 3D.

Source: Bored PandaLuca Luce, Instagram

my hand painting 01

my hand painting 02

my hand painting 04

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