Lukas Holas' Monochromatic Portraits of Animals

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Lukas Holas' Monochromatic Portraits of Animals

Lukas Holas is a Czech Republic-based photographer who can always capture stunning portraits of exotic animals. Among some of his work, the most outstanding is his Portraits of Animals II. The interesting thing about most of his piece is because the detail and the poise of each monochromatic image can look so impressive. Another to be worth noting is that all of his work was shot in a zoo.

Even though Holas has to face formidable challenges, he manages to create his awesome collection vividly showcasing the texture. And due to his being unable to gain special access to the zoo, Holas has to work on his piece while allowing passers-by freely peeking at his process of completing his work behind smudged glass or steel bar.

But above all, the rewarding side is that his up-close pictures can showcase the crystal clear leathery-skin, long whiskers or even strikingly fine hairs of an elephant.

For sure they will highlight stunning markings on each animal. Not to mention the zebra’s stripes which allow him to have the freedom to play with abstraction since background can intertwine with the subject.

Holas images don’t have any specific messages whatsoever. And he deliberately leave a very dark background to every single portrait because he truly believes that the dark is appropriate for the animals’ background.

This way the portrait’s format can really show the animals in a more dignified environment than the normal zoo areas do – as like in Holas’ animal portraits, those animals are free.

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