Madrid’s Crosswalks into Colorful Work of Art

Christo Guelov is a Bulgarian artist who finds it boring to see the usual pedestrian crossings. That’s why he came up with a better idea as to create a totally new kind of pedestrian crossing with striking color and unique geometric designs so that they are not boring at all. Check out what he did to make such crossing.

For sure, pedestrian crossings serve a vital function of making sure that motorists should give a way to pedestrians when they need to cross the street. So they are mostly just white stripes across grey stretches of tarmac. Using the color of White is because in order to stand out and make sure drivers of fast moving cars can still be alert.

But most of them are just unimaginative strips of white lines across gray stretches of tarmac. For Bulgarian artist however, crossings aren’t boring at all. Well, not when he’s finished with them anyway.

The artist is turning crossings in Madrid into colorful pieces of art as part of his project called Funnycross. Using striking colors and geometric designs, Guelov breathes life into otherwise stale public installations. “Funnycross uses zebra crossings to intervene in the urban landscape,” writes the artist. “The metaphor “A bridge between two shores” is the starting point of this artistic intervention.” It’s not just about the aesthetics though – the artist also hopes that the boldly colored crossings will improve the awareness of both drivers and pedestrians.

Source: Bored Panda, Christo Guelov, Christo Guelovmymodernmet