Magical Images with Photo Combinations

At first glance, much of his portfolio looks like it’s made up of straightforward photographs, but in fact, this Ukrainian artist Viktoria Solidarnyh just uses Photoshop to create great scenes that simultaneously appear remarkably realistic and straight from a storybook.

Solidarnyh seems to clearly have taken the art of photo manipulation to the next level even if she may cite digital editing as only a hobby. Most of her fabricated scenes offer us a glimpse into her makeshift and make-believe worlds with such intricately vast backdrops and minute details.

However, when she had the compositions visually broken down, her effort that has actually gone into meticulously crafting each one becomes evident. For example, like in her series of enchanting edits, Solidarnyh digitally combines multiple photos into single composite images, showcasing her undeniable skill and avid imagination.

While her surreal shot of a larger-than-life turtle with a towering castle on its back required over 20, her pastoral portrayal of a little girl boldly interacting with a bear took 6 individual images.