Magical Photos of Moscow Covered in Christmas Lights and Snow

Kristina Makeeva is Moscow based photographer who believes that the holiday season is the most wonderful time of year to visit the bustling capital city even if Russian winters are very famous for its chills. She often dares herself to capture shots of snow during the cold winter where all the true Christmas spirit of festive fireworks, holly jolly animal friends and sparkling decorations.

What makes her  work interesting is because she pays special attention to the dancing snow especially where many Christmast light in Moscow illuminate it even if what she photographs mostly are aspects of its merry and bright makeover.

Once she Said to Bored Panda, “ In our city there are a lot of lights that are often lit up all night. So those nights in Moscow when it’s snowing, the atmosphere is really fabulous. Whether a couple cuddling to stay warm, still an antler-clad husky enjoying the cold which will turn this very scene into a winter wonderland.

While Makeeva really enjoys taking pictures of high-spirited holiday season in Moscow, she also loves to photograph landscapes across Europe which she came up with those of fairytale-like portraits and dreamy pictures of her furry friends. Just be prepared to see some wonderlust where you can experience her enchanting oeuvre on her 500 pic page.