Man Sues His Parents For Throwing Away His Adult Film Collection Because He Was 'Emotionally Attached' To It!

Man Sues His Parents For Throwing Away His Adult Film Collection Because He Was 'Emotionally Attached' To It!

Look, the guy had TWELVE BOXES FULL of p*rn. Which is fairly excessive, come to think of it! What else could his parents do?!

At some point in our lives, our parents have busted us for watching adult films. While watching p*rn is natural, collecting it is a rather unique habit to hone.

A man from Indiana has been left gutted after his parents tossed out his adult film collection, which he claimed was worth almost $29,000. According to NBC, the unnamed man filed his lawsuit in federal court in Michigan. 

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According to reports, the complainant moved in with his parents in 2016 after his divorce. He didn't pay them rent but instead did household chores as a substitute, which is nice, you know? 

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The time eventually came for him to move out, so when he did, his parents sent him his stuff. But when his box of belongings arrived at his new residence, a huge chunk of his belongings was missing. Mainly, his kinky collection of adult entertainment!

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The lawsuit further goes on to explain that the man confronted his parents about his missing p*rnography (which the lawsuit describes as 'missing property'!), but the man's parents claimed that the 'items were destroyed'. An email which was a part of the lawsuit confirmed that the parents had indeed destroyed some of his randy son's belongings. 

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The email said: "I do not possess your p*rnography. It is gone. It has been either destroyed or disposed of. I may well have missed a few items that are now in your possession but, at this point, if you don't have it, it is gone. Ditto for your sex toys and smutty magazines."

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Adding to that burn, the father went on to tell his crushed son that it 'took quite a while' to destroy TWELVE moving boxes full of adult films as well as two whole boxes of 'sex toys'. "I did you a big favor by getting rid of all this stuff for you," the fed-up dad stated in his email. 

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So the crushed man did what he could do best. He filed a report with the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department in Michigan, stating that he was 'emotionally attached' to his adult content, valuing it to be over $30,000! He now hopes to sue his parents for three times that amount, stating the main reason as 'destruction of private property'.

Are you sure that the saying goes: 'hell hath no fury as a woman scorned'? Because this dude seems a lot more vengeful for his p*rn!

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