Man Turning His Home into a Cat Paradise

Whether you like it or not, any good deed that we do can sometimes motivate other people to do the same and follow our foot step. Like what Bored Panda did for example, the admin just put in a great idea on providing cats with extravagant treatment as to set walkways for cats and their pet furniture. And amazingly not long after that, someone from California really made it into reality as to turn his home into exactly a feline paradise. Just check out what there are in such paradise.

In order to fix his home to be like a heaven to his 18 cats, this very much heartfelt and mindful person had to spend $35,000 from his own pocket.

Even though he prefers not to reveal his true identity, what he did is truly sincere and genuine to his pet cats. Only that it is still not clear whether this cat’s heaven is for the better of the owner or of those 18 cats he lives with.

This cat’s paradise consists of beautiful walkways, crawlspaces, scratching posts, miniature stairways, spiral ramps, and other awesome details designed specifically for his 18 fluffy roommates in mind.

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